E. Gossage

What keeps you coming back? “The kids. As one of the oldest Charters in Colorado Springs, we have the stability kids need to achieve at high levels; kids want to be here.”

- Erick Gossage (P.E. and Specials Lead Teacher ⸰ 25 years)

S. Gish

What keeps you coming back? “The kids. We have a collaborative atmosphere centered on meeting the needs of all our students.”

- Sharis Gish (P.E. Teacher ⸰ 25 years)

C. Markle

What keeps you here? “This is my family and my joy. I love teaching my kids.”

- Chris Markle (Kindergarten Lead Teacher ⸰ 25 Years)

A. Dickinson

What keeps you coming back? “I live in the neighborhood. I love working with the kids and seeing the impact right in my community as they grow up! I’ve had some of my former students grow up and bring their own kids to Roosevelt!”

- April Dickinson (Paraeducator ⸰ 25 years)

T. Unseth

What keeps you coming back? “I love the kids. I love the environment. I love the support. All three of my kids have been to Roosevelt. This is my family.”

- Tiffany Unseth (5th Grade Lead Teacher ⸰ 24 years)

M. Gonzalez

What keeps you here? “The collaborative atmosphere. The teachers and families are one big community that works together.”

- Michelle Gonzalez (Kindergarten Teacher ⸰ 15 Years)