Meet Our Academic Intervention Team!

K. Callahan

Kate Callahan

Teaching and Learning Coach

My name is Ms. Callahan and I love being a teacher!  I grew up in Maine and moved to Colorado Springs in 2010 after graduating from Colby-Sawyer College.  

When I first started working in education I was a teacher in an Autism program for Kindergarten- second grade students.  This is where I first realized how important delivering information in different ways is for each child to develop an understanding of the content.  My passion is understanding different learning styles and molding my teaching to meet the needs of each.  

I moved on to work as a Pre-K teacher at a private school  here in Colorado Springs.  After this I became a reading interventionist at a different D11 elementary school.  I learned so much from this job,  including the components of reading that develop a strong reader, the importance of data driven instruction, and how to use data to fill any gaps that students may have in reading.  After this job, my ultimate goal was to  become a TLC.  

This will be my fifth year here at RCA;  I started as a first grade teacher for two years, then I taught third grade for a year, and the last two years I have worked on a program for Tier 1 interventions that will help to fill any reading gaps so that we can develop strong, successful readers.  I am currently our school's TLC and run a data program for reading and now math that add support to Tier 1 instruction.  

R. Miller

Rhonda Miller

Reading and Math Intervention Coordinator

My name is Mrs. Miller. I am the RTI Coordinator at Roosevelt Charter Academy.  I also teach reading intervention groups to grades 1st-5th. I am going on my 9th year of teaching at this great school!   I love my job!!

 I have a great passion for reading and I want to share the joy of reading with everyone I teach and know.  I have a huge collection of children's books and a huge collection of adult literature!

I also love school and learning in general. I completed my Master's degree in reading and I love taking classes.

I am married to my sweet husband, Steve. I have two wonderful children named Stephanie and Jordan. I also have a wonderful  son-in-law named Schwan and a beautiful grand baby named Aiden.

I hope to see you all at Roosevelt!

N. Knight

Natalie Knight

Math and Reading Interventionist

My name is Ms. Knight. I am an RTI teacher here at Roosevelt. It is my first year at the school, but my eighth year in teaching. I am so excited to get to work with the students here at RCA! I am a Colorado native who enjoys hiking, reading, and learning to cook/bake. I also love being able to explore this beautiful state whenever I have the chance. I look forward to getting to know all of you and helping to develop a love of learning! 


Tim Dolan


Math and Reading Interventionist