Meet Our English Language Learning Team!

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Denise Jones, English Language Learning Lead Teacher

I am Denise Jones an ELL teacher here at Roosevelt. I am originally from Dallas, Texas. I have been an educator for over 10 years.   I enjoy photography and fine arts.  I like teaching ESL because it is my way of helping students overcome language barriers and become inspired to improve in all areas of life.


Adriana Bustillo, English Language Learning Teacher

My name is Adriana Bustillo and I am a Kindergarten teacher. I am so happy to work for RCA and I love this place so much that I am starting my 11th year here! Becoming a Kindergarten teacher was my dream since I was a little girl; now that I have had the opportunity to work with Kindergarten children, I know and feel that this is my calling. Being able to meet those cute faces at the beginning of the year is exciting but being able to see the results and growth in their academic learning is something that I would not change for the world!

I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Texas but moved to Colorado 17 years ago. I miss Texas so much that I always go back and visit twice a year because my Mom and Dad still live there.

I love to spend time with my beautiful daughter Lisseth and my wonderful husband Pedro. I have no other family in Colorado, so we spend a lot of time together, things we love to do are going to the movies, camping, taking trips, and my daughter and I go to church on Sundays! I also like to read, cook, and have get togethers with our friends on weekends!

A few of my Favorite Things:

·       Favorite color: Black, Purple, and Red

·       Favorite Season: Winter (love the snow, we really did not get snow in West Texas)

·       Favorite Food: Mole y Arroz

·       Favorite Sport: Soccer

·       Favorite Hobby: Reading


Travis Behrman, English Language Learning Teacher